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The doctor-patient relationship is the core element in the ethical principles of medicine.

Patient testimonials...

" Dr. Boddie and her team at Medical Artistry provided me with a high level of personalized care.  My detoxification plan was tailored to my individual circumstances and was modified, as appropriate, over the course of treatment to ensure I remained safe and the detoxification process was complete.  I was able to continue my normal day-to-day activities over the course of treatment but had the comfort of regular monitoring by Dr. Boddie and her staff, who also were available 24/7 on an as-needed basis.  I highly recommend Medical Artistry for those seeking an alternative to expensive, burdensome, inpatient treatment."  BD

She was patient and kind and understanding. Very through dr. I love her bedside manners."CV"

Blue Surface

Holy cow! I would scream go to Dr. Boddie from the rooftops if I could! She is amazing! She listened to all my history and my concerns and asked me what I wanted to accomplish! She then made sure all my medications were going to work together and that they would be in my budget! She seriously seemed to care about me as a person and even made suggestions like sipping on a smoothie instead of certain choices and gave me a recipe. Defiantly recommend for anyone!!!

Oct 18, 2021 by B.W.

Dr was amazing we had technical qlitches on my end. But she worked with me super patient and lovely

Oct 18, 2021 by KR.