Hello and welcome to Medical Artistry!

My name is Dr. Ellena Boddie.  I am a board certified internal medicine doctor with more than 20 years of experience.

I received my bachelors in Human Biology at Stanford University in 1994.  I received my MD from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.  

I completed my residency in internal medicine from Robert Wood Johnson UMDNJ in 2003.  

For most of my career I have worked as a hospitalist where I gained experience taking care of patients who were very ill.  Often times, I thought to myself, "If only they go help a couple of days earlier, this hospitalization could have been prevented."

I also have experience working as a medical doctor in a rehabilitation center.  Over the years I have safely detoxed thousands of patients from alcohol use disorder. 


Detoxing patients from alcohol is extremely rewarding.  I love doing it because it you give someone good care, they will be comfortable and safe.  If people feel comfortable and safe when they quit drinking alcohol, their chances for a successful recovery go much higher.  

I have decided to develop an online, home based alcohol detoxification program to make treatment more accessible.  Many times, people have 3 choices when they stop drinking.  Quit at home and suffer through withdrawal.  Go to a hospital and probably get discharged before your detox is complete.  Or go to an expensive rehab center where you have to leave your life for weeks at a time.  

I remember one of my favorite patients from rehab struggled with this. Brittany lived in a motel with her boyfriend and her son. She kept a picture of her 2 year-old son glued to the front of her recovery journal.  His toothless grin would be there nudging her toward recovery in her darkest moments.  When her boyfriend relapsed, Brittany had to leave rehab in a hurry to get to her son.  

I remember thinking, "There needs to be better treatment options for the Brittany's of the world." 

My 21-day detoxification program is designed to make recovery from alcohol use disorder easier and more accessible.  I am very experienced in this, and I believe that I can help you have a comfortable and safe recovery too!

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Annareese Butler, LPN

She is an LPN with over 10 years of experience. She and Dr. Boddie have worked together for years, and she played an instrumental role in Dr. Boddie's ability to safely detoxify so many patients from drugs and alcohol. 

She loves nursing because it is a profession that never stops giving. Every day she grows and learns new things from her patients. She loves that she can be there for patients' families, and she values her role in comforting and supporting patients. Nursing and healthcare have always been the love of her life.