Treatment for Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder in which a person has depressed mood or loses interest in various activities. Depression is something which should not be ignored as it can lead to many other problems.


Immediate medical treatment for depression is required. We at Medical Artistry provide online treatment for depression. Our lead Doctor Ellena Boddie has over 20 years of experience and has cured many patients of depression and related problems.


Depression can be due to various reasons like Family history or problems, bullying mainly in children, regular usage of alcohol or drugs, Illness or health issues or even due to person’spersonality.

Major Symptoms of Depression are:

  • Angry outburst or irritation even in small matters

  • Loss of interest in daily activities like hobbies, friends, sex, sports, etc.,

  • Sleep disturbances or insomnia including sleeping to much

  • Feeling of sadness, hopelessness or emptiness

  • Stress due to long working hours can also cause depression

  • Overdose of medication can also cause depression


We at Medical Artistry provide online treatment and consultation for depression. Contact us for medical treatment for depression in Florida and across USA.  We understand each patient is different and therefore we offer customized treatment for depression. We do a detailed consultation and based on the same offer medical treatment for depression.