Online Alcohol Detox Treatment

Regularly drinking alcohol or taking drugs over a long a period of time can have many side effects. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol or drugs, immediate detox is required.


At Medical Artistry we understand the science behind addiction. Our lead Doctor Ellena Boddie has over 20 years of experience and provides online medical treatment for alcohol detox. Over the years we have provided online alcohol detox treatment in Florida and various other states of USA to patients. Dr Boddie has worked in telemedicine, hospital medicine and in rehab center for many years.


We provide a 21-day online course for treatment of alcohol. We also provide a dedicated nurse who shall be available online 24/7 during the course. Our lead Doctor Ellena Boddie will regularly provide consultation to understand the progress and suggest changes in program if required.


We understand that it is difficult for everyone to visit hospital or clinics regularly due to various other commitments and therefore we provide online medical treatment for alcohol detox.


Alcohol withdrawal can be difficult and if untreated can lead to various other problems. Immediate online alcohol detox treatment can help you overcome this problem. It is important that you should always take the alcohol detox treatment in the supervision of an experienced doctor. For more details on alcohol and drug detox fill our online form or contact us at 813.618.7831