Medical Consultation for Opioid Use Disorder

At Medical Artistry, our lead Doctor Ellena Boddie has over 20 years of experience. We understand it is difficult for everyone to visit a doctor for treatment. Therefore, we provide customized online treatment. You can contact us for online medical consultation for opioid use disorder.


Opioid is a substance found in certain pain medication and in Illegal drugs. Regular usage of these medicines reduces the effect of pain and also increases the dependence which can be harmful


Some of the Symptoms we should look for are:


Regular usage of medication increases carving and inability to control usage of opioid.

  • It can also increase constipation

  • Regular sweating

  • Reduced relief from pain

  • Shallow breathing or slurred speech can also occur


For best opioid misuse and addiction treatment Florida& across USA contact us.

We provide customized treatment for opioid use disorder. Through online counselling we will understand your symptoms. We also do a detailed study on the background and usage of other medicines to understand its affects.

Based on the study, our lead Dr Ellena Boddie will provide you a course which will help you reduce the opioid use disorder. Through our online medical consultation for opioid use disorder you will also be assigned a dedicated nurse who shall be available 24/7. We shall be doing daily consultations and monitoring the progress every day.


It is important that opioid use disorder should immediately be controlled. For more details, feel free to call us at 813.618.7831 or contact us online.