Medical Artistry
We understand addiction and how to treat it.

21-Day Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Step One

Request an appointment online.  

Simply follow the link to request an appointment. Enter your information and we will contact you.  If you prefer to call, call us at (866) 993-2478.

Step Two

We will contact you for a free call where we will answer any questions that you may have & make sure that our program will work for you.  

Private and Secure: all communication with our team is 100% confirdential

Judgment Free:  We are here for your success.  We will be your biggest cheerleader.

Step Three

Your first appointment.  

Meet your provider and receive your treatment plan.

Comfortable:  Treatment on your terms in the privacy of your own home.

Supportive:  Receive daily monitoring from you provider and nursing team.  Have 24/7 access to your treatment team.

Trustworthy:  We use best practices to keep you safe.

Comprehensive: We can design a plan of care to treat other ailments such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, asthma, etc...

Advocacy:  If you request it, we will help with FMLA paperwork, short term disability paperwork, or correspondence and communication with your treatment team, primary care physician, and attorney.